Submitting to Headz Up FM:

We want to thank everyone for submitting to the Compilation. But the deadline is over. There may be other opportunities in the future, please check back and consider submitting for air play.

For Air Play:
Do you want to submit a song or CD to HeadzUp FM for regular airplay? It is very simple. There are two ways.
1) Use a service such as SendSpace (or similar large file service) then send your CD or song as an mp3 file LINK
2) Email us a link to where we can download your song to (this is the slowest results and is the least preferred).
If the site does not work, we will not go back a second time. HeadzUp does not pay for music. PLEASE MARK “ARTIST” AND “TITLE” clearly on all submissions. If we do not have both we have to discard it. Please do not email, mail or call to ask when or if your song will be played. When a song is submitted we simply get it to our DJs and it is up to them to review and play as they desire.


If you are not picked, do not be discouraged. Just keep trying. God Bless and remember let all things be done for His glory!